Six Crimson Cranes 🎋 Spoiler Free Review

While I enjoyed Six Crimson Cranes & I liked it enough to finish it I was left underwhelmed. Let's be real, the cover is STUNNING, and I've seen it around a tonne on insta and such but I haven't really seen any reviews until now. Looking at the reviews I don't seem to be the only one with this opinion however the reasoning differs a lot! Some people had issues with pacing & plot but loved the characters whereas others like me had issue with the characters...

This Vicious Cure 🧬 Spoiler Free Review

Sweet Jesus I left this too long to read! This Mortal Coil was one of my favourite reads of 2018! I reviewed it HERE if you want to check it out! I absolutely loved it! It was chaotic, unpredictable & extremely gripping. I read book 2 not long after it's release and it was also amazing! Book 3 I got my hands on just after release and then promptly left it sitting on my TBR for over a year and a half! I think partly because I knew I had to be fully ready to read this as the books are just insane but also I didn't want it to come to an end. BUT! I finally did it and oh my god!

A Golden Fury 🧪 Spoiler Free Review

Title: A Golden FuryAuthor: Samantha CohoeGenre: YA FantastPublication Date: Oct 13th, 2020Pages: 352Publishers: Wednesday Books (St. Martin's Publishing Group)Rating: 3.5 Stars A Golden Fury Book Cover I received an eARC of A Golden Fury through NetGalley probably 12 months ago now & never got around to reading it! My review is finally here though & while I enjoyed majority of the … Continue reading A Golden Fury 🧪 Spoiler Free Review

Last One to Die 🔪 Spoiler Free Review

Title: Last One to DieAuthor: Cynthia MurphyGenre: YA ThrillerPublication Date: Jan 7th, 2021Pages: 294Publishers: ScholasticRating: 4.5 Stars Goodreads Synopsis Young, brunette women are being attacked in the city of London. 16-year-old, Irish-born Niamh has just arrived for the summer, and quickly discovers that the girls being attacked look frighteningly similar to her. Determined to make it through her Drama Course, Niamh … Continue reading Last One to Die 🔪 Spoiler Free Review

Ace of Spades ♠️ Spoiler Free Review

Title: Ace of SpadesAuthor: Faridah Àbíké-ÍyímídéGenre: YA ThrillerPublication Date: June 1st, 2021Pages: 415Publishers: Feiwel & FriendsRating: 4 Stars Ace of Spades book cover So, I'm still not 100% on my rating choice. This one was hard as there were things that really irritated me but also it was super gripping after the 200 page mark... So I'm a bit indecisive. Let's … Continue reading Ace of Spades ♠️ Spoiler Free Review

Graphic Novel Mash Up 📚 Spoiler Free Reviews

The Avant-Guards: Vol 2 & Down to the Wire Title: The Avant-Guards: Vol 2 & The Avant-Guards: Down to the WireSeries: The Avant-GuardsAuthor: Carly Usdin & Noah HayesGenre: YA LGBTPublication Date: Feb 18th, 2020 & Nov 12th, 2020Pages: 112Publishers: BOOM! BoxRating: 5 Stars The Avant-Guards: Volume 2 CoverThe Avant-Guards: Down to the Wire Cover This graphic Novel series is INCREDIBLE! … Continue reading Graphic Novel Mash Up 📚 Spoiler Free Reviews

The Game 💫 Spoiler Free Review 🎄 Blogmas Day 16

Title: The GameAuthor: Linsey MillerGenre: YA MysteryPublication Date: August 4th, 2020Pages: 240Publishers: UnderlinedRating: 4 Stars Goodreads Synopsis A game turns deadly with a killer who picks his victims one by one, letter by letter. Every year the senior class at Lincoln High plays assassin. Lia Prince has been planning her strategy for years and she's psyched that not only does she … Continue reading The Game 💫 Spoiler Free Review 🎄 Blogmas Day 16

Over the Woodward Wall 💫 Spoiler Free Review 🎄 Blogmas Day 11

Title: Over the Woodward WallAuthor: A. Deborah Baker (AKA Seanan McGuire)Series: The Up-and-UnderGenre: MG FantasyPublication Date: October 6th, 2020Pages: 203Publishers: TorDotComRating: 4 Stars Goodreads Synopsis If you trust her you’ll never make it home…Avery is an exceptional child. Everything he does is precise, from the way he washes his face in the morning, to the way he completes his homework – without … Continue reading Over the Woodward Wall 💫 Spoiler Free Review 🎄 Blogmas Day 11