Lies Like Poison πŸ“š Mini Spoiler Free Review

Title:Β Lies Like PoisonAuthor:Β Chelsea PitcherGenre:Β YA MysteryPublication Date:Β Nov 10th, 2020Pages:Β 204Publishers:Β Margaret K. McElderry Books I've been on a Mystery Thriller kick and I wanted to give another book by Chelsea Pitcher a go. This one however didn't live up to expectations. Lies Like Poison felt very disjointed to me. The story was all over the place and the … Continue reading Lies Like Poison πŸ“š Mini Spoiler Free Review

The Last Legacy πŸ“š Spoiler Free Review

Firstly, who was going to tell me that this wasn't book 3 to Fable and it actually a companion following a completely new character because that threw me off completely! I had no idea this wasn't a sequel and I was a little disappointed to find out that we wouldn't be following Fable or any of the characters we really knew already. That was my fault though, so let's jump into the actual review of what I thought of this one.

Nightwatch on the Hinterlands πŸ“š Spoiler Free Review

Overall I just couldn't keep going with this one. I planned on giving it to 20% but I was forcing myself to read & it was taking forever! I read for about 10 minutes and I was still on the 5% mark on the eBook. I am very much a fan of DNFing books now. Why should I waste time read books that aren't for me when I could be reading a book I love!

B*Witch πŸƒ Spoiler Free Review

This was the most unsatisfying ending I have ever read! I enjoyed the book up until the the 2nd or 3rd last chapter. It went from a 3.5/4 starts to a 2.5 stars within a couple sentences. If you have read this book you will know exactly what I'm talking about... I will do a little spoilery section at the bottom of this post so I can rant about it!

Six Crimson Cranes πŸŽ‹ Spoiler Free Review

While I enjoyed Six Crimson Cranes & I liked it enough to finish it I was left underwhelmed. Let's be real, the cover is STUNNING, and I've seen it around a tonne on insta and such but I haven't really seen any reviews until now. Looking at the reviews I don't seem to be the only one with this opinion however the reasoning differs a lot! Some people had issues with pacing & plot but loved the characters whereas others like me had issue with the characters...

This Vicious Cure 🧬 Spoiler Free Review

Sweet Jesus I left this too long to read! This Mortal Coil was one of my favourite reads of 2018! I reviewed it HERE if you want to check it out! I absolutely loved it! It was chaotic, unpredictable & extremely gripping. I read book 2 not long after it's release and it was also amazing! Book 3 I got my hands on just after release and then promptly left it sitting on my TBR for over a year and a half! I think partly because I knew I had to be fully ready to read this as the books are just insane but also I didn't want it to come to an end. BUT! I finally did it and oh my god!