Jackaby by William Ritter – Spoiler Free Review

Title: Jackaby Author: William Ritter Series Name: Jackaby Genre: YA Paranormal Mystery Publication Date: September 16th, 2014 Pages: 294 (Paperback) Publishers: Algonquin Young Readers Overall Rating: “Miss Rook, I am not an occultist,” Jackaby said. “I have a gift that allows me to see truth where others see the illusion--and there are many illusions. All the world’s a stage, as they say, … Continue reading Jackaby by William Ritter – Spoiler Free Review

MateAThon TBR

MateAThon is nearly here! For more info check out the announcement HERE! https://youtu.be/bzsRcLcyuUs Only cook on a ‘Barbie’: Read a book with food on the cover F*ck it’s hot: Read a hot recent release We all eat Vegemite for breakfast, lunch & dinner: Read a book with black on the cover MATE: Read a book that … Continue reading MateAThon TBR

Magical ReadAThon – Charms Extra Credit Edition TBR

Yes! Another ReadAThon. By the end of MateAThon I will have been doing ReadAThons for over 4 weeks straight! I'm crazy, I know. https://youtu.be/9oldfMGlLOA This round of Magical ReadAThon is an addition to the OWLs & NEWTs. Basically, there are 5 prompts and for each prompt you complete you will get an extra day prior … Continue reading Magical ReadAThon – Charms Extra Credit Edition TBR

Banned Books I’ve Read!

So to go along with Banned Books Week & Banned Books ReadAThon I thought I would share some of the Banned Books that I have read. I'll also insert screen captures of why & when these books were banned or challenged if I can find it.   Well, this was an obvious one really. Harry … Continue reading Banned Books I’ve Read!

Banned Books ReadAThon TBR

It's, time for the Banned Book ReadAThon TBR! I will not be making a video for my TBR as I am sick and lost my voice for 2 days and my voice is still really hoarse and my throat is still sore! On top of that, I think I am getting conjunctivitis. So all is … Continue reading Banned Books ReadAThon TBR

G – The ABC Book Challenge

For this challenge, every week you make a post talking about the best books you’ve read and the ones you are keen for on your TBR that start with a specific letter. So this week I will be doing the letter G. I will not be including the word ‘The’ as the first word. The Gentlemen's … Continue reading G – The ABC Book Challenge

Banned Books ReadAThon Announcement

Yes, I am doing another ReadAThon! Shocker, I know. If you didn't know Banned Books Week goes from the 23rd - 29th of September. You can find out more info about Banned Books Week HERE! https://youtu.be/IPnS670WHKE So because of Banned Books Week, we decided to hold a ReadAThon all about reading Banned & Challenged Books! … Continue reading Banned Books ReadAThon Announcement