Book Travelling Thursday

This is where you can find all the links to my Book Travelling Thursday posts! The newest posts will be towards the top!

15th June – Book With An ‘Ugly’ Cover That’s Beautiful On The Inside

1st June – Book Every Kid Should Read

25th May – Freebie Week

18th May – Book With Original Red Cover

4th May – Book With Your Favourite Bookish Mum

20th April – Book With Original Blue Cover

6th April – Book You Want To Read This Spring

23rd March – Book With A POC As A Main Character

16th March – A Controversial Book

8th March – Book With A Strong Female Main Character

16th February – Book That Deserves More Love

9th February – Book That Deals With First Love

2nd February – Book That Features A Character You Love To Hate

19th January – Book Set In a Fictional World

5th January – Book You Would Like To Read For The First Time Again

22nd December – A Book That Makes You Think About Christmas

15th December – One of Your Favourite Books of 2016

8th December – A Book That Made You Emotional

1st December – A Book From Your Favourite Genre

17th November – A Book by an Australian Author

10th November – A Book Recommended To You That Is In Your TBR

3rd November – Book Written by One of your Favourite Authors

27th October – A spooky Read

20th October – Book that deals with Mental Health

13th October – Book that got you into Reading

6th October – Book that made you smile recently

29th Sept – Go back to the previous themes and choose the one you want to – Choose a book with a badass heroine

15th Sept – Fall is just around the corner

22nd Sept – Choose a book that you think it should be a classic in a few years