March – May 2023 πŸ“š Bullet Journal

So, because I was MIA for a couple months I thought I would share the Bullet Journal spreads that I missed sharing since then. Obviously, the March & April Spreads are now complete and May is half complete. So you can even see how I use each spread!

March 2023

For March, it was when my mental health was declining, so I didn’t end up doing this till part way through the month. I scrolled Pinterest until I found some inspiration and I wish I had screen captured that so I could share/credit but I wasn’t thinking about that at the time. I ended up tracing the outline of the flowers, which yes, you can do as long as you’re not planning on selling your work. I honestly did not have it in me to draw anything from scratch but I wanted some semblance of normal by having my journal to do everyday.

You may notice that I also scrapped the TBR spread for this month and for April & May actually. I wasn’t reading a heap, as you can see by my Reading Log that I accidentally called TBR and still haven’t fixed… Yes I know it’s a digital bullet journal and would take 30 seconds to fix but I just haven’t haha.

April 2023

This one I did have the inspiration photo saved & it’s got the username in the photo, so even better! The inspiration is from LittleOliveBujo. This is what gave me inspiration but I also went a different direction. I also traced these outlines as I still wasn’t in a creative mood then just took some time relaxing & colour them all in.

I love all these cute little foxes. Also the leaves in the background are the Flying Japanese Maple Leaves brush from Di. which is one of my fave brush makers. They are all so pretty.

May 2023

This inspiration is from CynthiaBujo. I thought this was so cute so I had to do my take on the dandelions. I went for a dark background and white dandelion with purple details and I love how it turned out!

This one is pretty simple but I think it’s very eye catching and I love it. Also, sneak peak of what I’ve read to far this month!

Well, those are my spreads from March, April & May! I’m definitely back in the creative mood and I’m super keen to set up June’s spread. I will also definitely be adding a TBR spread back into the mix in June as I do missing having that now that I’m back reading.

Thanks for reading! Eliza

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