BOTWathon – The Great Plateau 2.5 ๐Ÿ—ก TBR

If you’re only here for the ReadAThon content feel free to skip over the first paragraph.

Yes, I’ve been MIA for a few months but I’m starting to get back into reading so I decided it was time to come back. Being away from the blog has been a combination of things. Firstly, my mental health was not doing the greatest and that nearly always results in me loosing motivation for any of my hobbies, which includes reading. So between having no motivation to write blog posts, I wasn’t even reading anyway. Secondly, was burn out. Not just with the blog but with posting on social media all together. I made the decision to stop posting on Youtube, my blog, tiktok, instagram, etc. Basically the only thing I was using was Pinterest (which I was only using to repost content, not make new content) and Facebook (only for the purpose of advertising for the company I work for & the organisations/clubs I’m Publicity Officer for). Honestly it did a world of good for me. Has my online business suffered greatly from me not posting any content? Yes. However, for my mental health that was the best option.

Now, onto the ReadAThon! Firstly, BOTW stands for Breath of the Wild, so yes, this is a Zelda themed ReadAThon. I’ve never played the game personally but one of the hosts, Caz from Little Book Owl, I have been following for years, so I had to join! The Great Plateau is the mini round of BOTWathon and is held from the 15th to 24th of May 2023 and you can find all the details on the website! Now, onto the TBR!

The Challenges

Firstly for the challenges, there are 2 challenges that aren’t related to choosing a TBR, so wanted to quickly mention them.

Shrine of Resurrection, Camera Trial: share your readathon tbr (to be read) list

Which I’m obviously doing right now… So challenge complete!

Owa Daim Shrine, Stasis Trial: participate in a reading sprint

Which I will attempt to jump onto one of Caz‘s livestreams and participate in a sprint or two but if I can’t make it I’ll jump in on some on the Discord chat!

Ja Baij Shrine, Bomb Trial: select a challenge from any previous round

For this one I chose a challenge from the VAH RUDANIA round of the ReadAThon: Foothill Stable: read a book about a journey or quest. I think Silver in the Bone sounds like it will fit this challenge and I’m very keen to read it!

Oman Au Shrine, Magnesis Trial: read a sequel

I’ve chosing the sequel Levius/est Vol. 2 for this challenge though, as I will mention below I plan to reread Vol 1 as a refresher and then read to Vol 5.

Keh Namut Shrine, Cryonis Trial: โ€˜FLYโ€™ buzzword โ€“ read a book with fly (or any related word) in the title/on the book cover

Lastly for the challenges I’ve chosen A Day of Fallen Night. Caz actually used Priory of the Orange Tree as an example in her announcement video and I’m currently reading that one on audiobook. So by the time the readathon starts I should be ready to start A Day of Fallen Night. Yes, it doesn’t have the word fly in the title but it has a dragon on the cover and dragons can fly…

Other books on my TBR

As I said above. I do plan on rereading Vol 1 of Levius/est and continuing through to Vol 5 which is all the ones in the series I own.

Next I have another Graphic Novel, The Librarian of Auschwitz. I read the book this is based on but it wasn’t my favourite but I think that was mostly the writing. I thought the Graphic Novel might be a better format for me for this story.

Then we have the other physical book on my TBR which is How to Survive your Murder. This TBR was fairly fantasy heavy so I thought a fun murder mystery would be a good idea to break it up a little.

For audiobooks, this may be ambitious because A Day of Fallen Night is 38 HOURS!!! 38!!! Even at the 1.7x speed I listen at it’s still 23 hours… So reading these two will depend on how quickly I finished A Day of Fallen Night. I would like to read Defend the Dawn & Beyond the Wand though if I can. Defend the Dawn is the sequel to Defy the Night and I’m actually shocked I haven’t picked this up yet and Beyond the Wand is an autobiography from Tom Felton about his experience acting in Harry Potter. I love Harry Potter obviously and I love Tom as an actor and a person. He is just hilarious. So I thought this would be perfect.

Well, that is all for this TBR! Are you participating? Let me know what’s on your TBR. Or even if you’re not, let me know what’s on your TBR next!

Thanks for reading! Eliza

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