February 2023 πŸ“š Bullet Journal

I finally set up my February 2023 Bullet Journal after being indecisive about the themed I wanted to do for weeks. Even during this set up I changed my mind haha. So my theme was going to be fruit in general where each spread had a different group of fruit. I ended up using only citrus though as I loved how it looked on my title page! I did the actual drawing part of the citrus when designing a potential sticker sheet for our next Dusk Angel Store launch (which I also ended up changing afterwards haha). So, Let’s jump in!

Firstly I have the cover page which is based on the image on the right which I came across on Pinterest! So credit to Yve Loves for the inspiration. I started with this one and absolutely loved how it looked so I went for Citrus for all spreads!

Next we have my Habit Tracker where I went FULL citrus. I love how this looks and it gives a good contrast to the other spreads. Then is my Sleep Tracker. usually I only do a grid where I colour in a square of the grid for each hour I sleep but this month I decided to try for the first time using the actual time frame in which I sleep instead. I always wanted to give this a go when I was physically bullet journalling but I could never be bothered to write all those numbers. Thank goodness for the duplicate button!

Then we have my Reading spreads. I’ve left out my TBR spread which I’ll show in my Feb TBR post coming tomorrow! So keep an eye out for that. Besides that I have my reading tracker where I track how many pages I read each day & my Reading Log. For the tracker I debated using individual slices for each day like I did for the lily pads from last month but decided to mix it up and use the sections of the fruit instead and I love how it looks! For my reading log I used the exact same format as previous months as it works and I don’t really know how else to do it haha.

Well, that is my February Bullet Journal spreads! I will be releasing a Citrus sticker sheet with my Feb 16th Dusk Angel Store launch if you want to recreate a similar spread!

Thanks for reading! Eliza

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