January 2023 πŸ“š TBR

First TBR for 2023! Going in strong with hopefully knocking two books off my 10 books to read in 2023 list in the first month! Wish me luck…

Firstly we have the two from my 10 books to read in 2023 list! Babel will be on audiobook as I’ve heard good things about it and I have a fair few other physical books on my TBR. I loved The Poppy War so I’m very curious about this one! I have heard fairly mixed things but I’m hopeful. Then The Killing Code which is one my physical reads. I’m very keen for this as well as I read None Shall Sleep by this author in 2020 and it was so good! Which by the way also has a sequel coming out in June and I’m so excited!

Not often do I allow myself to buy multiple books in a series that I haven’t even started but I let myself do it for this Amanda Foody & Christine Lynn Herman collaboration! I’m so excited and now that I have both All of Us Villains & All of Our Demise in my hands this needs to happen.

Next I have The Final Strife which is another audiobook, though I do own the paperback of this one as well. Again I think 4 physical reads is enough to aim for in one month so audiobook for this one! This one is an Adult Queer Fantasy and I’m very excited! Then for my fourth physical read I have The Book Eaters which I recently read the first chapter in a try a chapter I did for 4 random books I own and it sounds very intriguing! This would have been my second choice from those books and I’m interested to keep reading!

The last three are all in the Mystery/Thriller/Horror realm which I’ve been craving lately! The Drift I already have the audiobook on pre-order so will be picking it up towards the end of the month after it’s release! The synopsis for this one is SOO FREAKING INTRIGUING! I’m very keen for this. Clown in the Cornfield 2 is the sequel to, you guessed it, Clown in the Cornfield which I read last year. That one had some issues and I didn’t rate it super high but I genuinely enjoyed myself reading it so I’ve gotta check out the second book. Then we have The Blackhouse which I didn’t know existed until today. It came up in a list of book releasing in 2023, which firstly, if wrong, it’s already out… The cover looks so interesting though so I was instantly curious! Looked it up and it sounds up my alley so grabbed it on audible straight away. I may even start this on in Dec once I finish my current read.

I really have a colour scheme going this month! Let me know in the comments if you’ve read any of these and what I should prioritise!

Thanks for reading! Eliza