Jan 2023 📚 Anticipated Releases

Let’s show off the books I’m interested in that are releasing in January of 2023! There are so many awesome sounding books coming out in 2023. Also 7 out of the 9 are labelled as diverse in some way. It’s exciting seeing how many books are releasing containing diverse characters in comparison to previous years. Let’s jump in!

3rd of Jan

Firstly we have Unseelie & Song of Silver, Flame Like Night that are releasing on the 3rd of Jan. Unseelie is a YA Fantasy following an Autistic Changeling & her sister in what sounds like a high stakes adventure for of mystery. Then we have Song of Silver, Flame Like Night which is an epic YA Fantasy inspired by Chinese Mythology & Folklore.

10th of Jan

Moving onto January 10th releases we have Friday I’m in Love. This one is the only Contemporary on my list and it’s described as “A love letter to romantic comedies, sweet sixteen blowouts, Black joy, and queer pride.” Which sounds incredible to me! So I’m in! Then we have All the Dangerous Things which is a mystery thriller that sounds a little on the phycological side and features a true-crime podcast which is one of my favourite tropes in thrillers!

Adding Lost in the Moment and Found to this list even though I have already read it! Wayward Children is one of my favourite series and though this is probably my least favourite book of the series so far I was still highly anticipating it and recommend checking it out! Next is The Daughters of Izdihar which is an Egyptian Inspired novel where two badass women are fighting for woman’s rights with forbidden elemental magic???? Sign me up!

17th & 24th of Jan

Then releasing on the 17th of Jan we have House to Sell a Haunted House. This Horror novel has the shortest description I’ve ever read and basically tells you nothing about it. Does that make me more intrigued? Yes! Am I down for a haunted house story? Any day! Then releasing on the 24th of Jan is The Buried and the Bound which is a Queer YA Fantasy with the threat of a dark entity and a curse to break! Lastly is The Drift which has an very intriguing synopsis! Following three groups who are in unexpected circumstances & there is a killer in on the the groups but we don’t know which one! Very curious!

Well that is my anticipated releases for January! Are any of these on your radar? Is there something else that should be on mine? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading! Eliza