The Maze Runner 🏃🏽 Reread Review

Title: The Maze Runner
Author: James Dashner
Genre: YA Dystopian
Publication Date: October 6th, 2009
Pages: 384
Publishers: Tantor Audio

I thought it would be an interesting idea to do a ‘reread review’ for this one. I didn’t originally review this one as I read it in high school, well before I started vlogging, but it would be even more interesting if I had a previous review to compare my thoughts to. But oh well, I still thought I would share my thoughts from rereading The Maze Runner after about 9 years time.

Honestly I am surprised how much I still enjoy this one. I know over the years my taste has not only changed but I’ve also read a lot more books, so have a lot more ‘data’ for when I compare books & judge them. But this one has stood the test of time! I’m rereading this one as I received an ARC of The Maze Cutter which is set Seventy-three years after the events of The Death Cure. So what better time for a reread?!

As I said, I’m surprised how much I enjoyed this one. I’ve watched the movie a few times since reading the book originally but I still found myself curious to what would happen next and gripped by the story. I listened to the entire thing in 2 days as I just kept wanting to pick it back up. I also still really enjoyed the characters and I think they are all pretty well fleshed out. Well as fleshed out as a character who doesn’t remember who they are can be haha . Personality wise everyone has a unique feel and voice which I enjoy.

Yes, I’m going to say the word surprising again. BUT, I’m actually surprised that I’m really enjoying this reread yet when I attempted to reread The Hunger Games last year I DNFd it. Back when everyone was reading those books (you know the three I’m talking about) I read them too and it easily went Divergent as favourite, then The Hunger Games and then The Maze Runner. It was the bottom of the three but based on my reread of The Hunger Games & The Maze Runner it may have moved up a spot. Is this a sign to reread Divergent too??? I’m already planning on a reread of Vampire Academy, if I add Divergent to the list I think my TBR shelf will jump out the window to find a new home where they will actually be read…

Overall, in 2013ish when I read this series I rated it 4 stars (well actually I gave it 4 stars when I started Goodreads a couple years later because when I read this, star ratings didn’t exist in my head haha) and I’m giving it 4 stars again now. I am eager to continue the series as The Scorch Trials was my favourite. There is one scene from it that I can remember and I’m pumped to reread that! Especially as it didn’t make it to the movie and I was very made about it!

Thanks for reading! Eliza