Mid Year Book Freak Out 🍃 2022

I’m late this year thanks to the reading slump I’ve been in but seen as I haven’t actually read anything since June I thought why not! Let’s jump straight in!

Best book you’ve read so far in 2022

This is an easy one! Not including rereads I have only rated 2 books 5 stars this year. The Lost Apothecary includes one of my all time favourite tropes & it was incredibly written! Absolutely loved it!

Best sequel you’ve read so far in 2020

Would it be a Mid Year Book Freak Out without a Wayward Children series book?! Where the Drowned Girls Go is the latest sequel and I loved it! Rated this one 4.5 stars so not quite a fave of the series but pretty close.

New release you haven’t read yet, but want to

The Final Gambit is easily one of my most anticipated recent releases! I’m currently rereading The Inheritance Games so I will be picking this one up very soon!

Most anticipated release for the second half of the year

There isn’t too many that I’m super super anticipating but The Weight of Blood is by an author who I’ve enjoyed books from before so I’m definitely curious about this one!

Biggest disappointment

Act Cool is tying with Stay Gold by the same author. I had high expectations for these ones and they had so much potential. Not only were the characters bland and unmemorable but there was also some very toxic behaviours shown in this book that were not rectified. ‘Friends’ forcing their friends to come out, leading people on and more and I just don’t tolerate that! So this & Stay Gold were a big disappointment for me.

Biggest surprise

The Girl Who Fell Beneath the Sea was a book I knew nothing about before getting it in Fairyloot. It sounded interesting but ended up being the only other book I’ve given 5 stars so far this year! I fell in love with the characters and story!

Favourite new author (debut or new to you)

Of course I had to go with Sarah Penner. This was her debut & it blew my mind! I’m very keen to see what she does next. Her next book called The London Seance Society is also a Historical Mystery and it’s set to release April 2023!

Newest favourite character

Definitely Anne from Anne of West Philly! She is so wholesome and so is the book as a whole really. This one was really enjoyable but also very emotional. Highly recommend!

Book that made you cry

I Hope You’re Listening is another one of my favourites from this year so far! I had a few rereads that made be tear up but I think this & The Girl Who Fell Beneath the Sea are the only two new reads that did.

Book that made you happy

Don’t get be wrong this book deals with some heavy shit and it wasn’t an easy read but it was definitely worth it.

So I’ll grow my home from the ground up using the roots I’ve nurtured with the people I love. There’s still so much about myself I’ve yet to explore…… And my world is Tall and mighty, like the skies. Infinite and mysterious, like the cosmos. And peaceful and safe, like the sea. And I’ll bring it all with me, wherever I go next.

Messy Roots by Laura Gao

The most beautiful book you’ve bought so far this year (or received)

I was tossing up between The Nature of Witches and the Fairyloot edition of Daughter of the Moon Goddess but as I have that one in my unhaul crate I don’t have any photos of it and couldn’t be bothered digging it out. It is stunning though! I am an absolutely sucker for a pretty naked hardcover though! I know next year is going to be a hard choice as there is two books already that I have received recently that are absolutely stunning! One of which is this ones sequel!

What books do you need to read by the end of the year?

Wild is the Witch is Rachel Griffin’s second release. I absolutely adored her debut, The Nature of Witches, last year so I am very excited to see what this author does next. Her debut was incredible so it can only go up from here surely!

Favourite book to movie adaptation you’ve seen this year?

Well Book to TV Show but I haven’t actually watched any book to movie adaptions except The Darkest Minds and while it was an alright movie it was an average adaption! So I gotta go for Heartstopper! This TV Show was incredible and an amazing adaptation.

Thanks for reading! Eliza