The Orilium Academy ๐ŸŒธ Spring Equinox TBR

It’s been a while but between being in a bit of a slump & also starting a new (and second) small business I’ve been a tad busy! April however is the Spring Equinox of The Orilium Academy and as April started today it’s time to share my TBR!

ReadAThon Announcement

My Character

Firstly, since completing the Novice Path last year I have completed the 3 required challenges to decide my characters background!

Firstly I chose Wildling & read Among the Beasts and Briars to complete the challenge ‘Read a book largely set in a forest/outside. Among the Beasts and Briars is set like 70% in a forest/briar so this fit perfectly!

Then we had the challenge that chose what Province you came from. I read Where the Drowned Girls Go for the Kerador: Read a book from an ongoing series challenge!

Then lastly we got to chose our heritage/race and for this one I went for an Earthling and I read The Nature of Witches. The challenges was to read a book with elemental magic and The Nature of Witches features characters who literally control the elements to tame/control the weather. So thought it was perfect!


There is a bonus kind of challenge involved where you can complete extra challenges to gain guild points in order to move up in ranks without your guild! I completed the Guild Sorting Quiz and was chosen as an Archivist.

My Calling

Now! Let’s talk about the career path I have chosen!

So yes, I chose Spellsword! I love the idea of being able to explore Aeldia and go on quests and discover new things! Right up my alley.

So in case you were unfamiliar there are 2 terms of school, the Spring Equinox in April & the Autumn Equinox later in the year! The Spring Equinox is where you choose your classes & in Autumn you will then be challenged based on those classes your took and will be required to achieve certain grades to follow your chosen career path!

For the Spring Equinox I have 4 required classes to take to go towards becoming a Spellsword! There are ones that are more challenging but honestly I didn’t look at the required classes until after I chose my career as I knew I would be challenging myself to complete all the classes anyway so it didn’t really matter to me. I honestly think I got a fairly easy go of it though.


I will start with the classes that go towards my career and then I will chose some extra books that I will try and read to complete all the classes.

Firstly for Animal Studies: Ways of a Pegasus I need to chose a Quick Read and for that I went for a Graphic Novel! I know I wanted to incorporate a Graphic Novel or two in somewhere and though this was the perfect time! Unfortunately, I don’t actually own a physical Graphic Novel I haven’t already read so had to resort to Scribd! I’ve had Blackbird on my Scribd saved section for a while now but haven’t gotten to it yet. The art style looks awesome and it sounds like it’s going to be a fun time. It’s an adult Fantasy I believe and only 168 pages. So should be a quick read.

Next we have the Demonology class: Shadow Demons in which I need to read a book with the word ‘Shadow’ in the title. This was probably the hardest one to find a book for as all the books I own with shadow in them I’ve read and same with most of the ones on Scribd that I would be interested in reading. I finally found York: The Shadow Cipher at an audiobook on Scribd! This one is a middle grade and I remember seeing the cover in like Big W and such and being curious but never actually picked it up. Well now is the time!

Next we have the Restoration class in which I need to read a book featuring healers. This one was also a little difficult but I saw that they were sharing recommendations on the ReadAThons Twitter account and someone suggested The Prison Healer/The Gilded Cage and that was perfect! I actually had this on my TBR from last month but as I was in a bit of a slump I only read one physical book last month and this wasn’t it haha! So it’s time to finally read it! Book 1 left off on a massive cliff hanger so I’m keen!

Lastly for the classes I need to take for my career choice we have Spells & Incantations: Anti Gravity Spell: Short Storie(s)/essay(s). I’ve chosen a short story anthology called All Out: The No Longer Secret Stories of Queer Teens Throughout the Ages! I’ll try and read one story every couple days or so to knock this one out. This one includes some authors I’ve read from and enjoyed & some that I’ve never read from so I’m interested to see their writing style. Anthologies are usually hit or miss but I’m hopeful for this one!

My Bonus TBR

Now onto the other classes and what books I’m hoping to get time for! I’ve chosen books for all but one challenge as I just don’t know what to pick for the Inscription challenge.

Well that is everything for my TBR! What career are you aiming for if you’re participating?!

Thanks for reading! Eliza

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