March 2022 πŸ“š TBR

It’s that time again & I’m very keen to get to these books! I have a lot more audiobooks on my TBR than physical books as I am able to read a lot more audiobooks than physical because I can listen to them at work! I’m also still on a thriller/horror/mystery kick but also I’ve gotten back into middle grades a little. So I might end up adding some middle grades to my March reads throughout the month!

Physical Reads

Yes, Vespertine is still on my TBR! I am just simply running out of time in Feb but I am still keen to read it!

Next we have Dead Silence which is one of my most anticipated releases! This is an adult horror that gives me the same vibes as Contagion by Erin Bowman and I’m so freaking keen!

Then lastly for physical reads we have The Gilded Cage. This is the sequel for The Prison Healer which I read last year and quite enjoyed. While it didn’t live up to The Medoran Chronicles, one of the authors other series it was still enjoyable & it ended on a massive cliffhanger. So I’m keen!


Firstly for audiobooks we have the 4 books in the Three Dark Crowns series. I have previously read the first 2 books but I’m yet to read books 3 & 4. Two Dark Reigns is also on my 22 books to read in 2022 list. So I plan to reread the first two and finally finished the others.

Next we have The Attic which is a short story audiobook that I found on Scribd. It’s only 46 minutes and is a YA Horror. I haven’t read the synopsis however the cover looks interesting and it’s only 46 minutes, so how bad can it be haha!

Then we have The Sound of Stars which is a YA Sci-Fi. This one sounds so fun! “Can their love of books and pop music save the world”?! I have had it on my physical TBR since last year and just haven’t had the chance to pick it up yet.

Then we have I Hope You’re Listening, a YA LGBT+ Mystery, which sounds incredible! Also I’m also keen for a Mystery, thriller or horror that also has diversity.

Lastly we have Wings of Ebony which has a POC MC and I have been trying to be more active in reading books with POC diversity. This is the first book in a YA Fantasy series and it says its for fans of Angie Thomas & The Hunger Games so I am very intrigued!

Well that is it for my March TBR! I am most keen for Dead Silence. Let me know in the comments what you are most keen to read in March!

Thanks for reading! Eliza

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