February 2022 ๐Ÿ“š TBR

It’s time for another TBR post! Thanks to my new job I am able to listen to audiobooks for basically 6 hours a day! So I have been going through them like crazy! So there will be a lot more audiobooks on this TBR than physical for that reason!

Physical Reads

Firstly we have Vespertine which is one I started on audiobook in January but I just don’t think the audiobook is the best option for this one for me so I’m going to pick it up physically instead. I only actually read 30 pages on audiobook so I’ll start fresh again.

Next is A Flicker in the Dark which was on my January TBR & is the only book I didn’t finish off that TBR! This one simply didn’t arrive in time as it only got here two days ago and by the time I finish my current read it will be close to February anyway so I highly doubt I’ll get it finished in Jan!

Lastly we have These Violent Delights which is on my 22 books to read in 2022 list! It’s a chunky book so while the other two are short I thought between the 3 I might be able to manage them all physically in February!


Firstly let’s start with The Darkest Minds series. I will be rereading The Darkest Minds, Never Fade & In the Afterlight so I can finally knock The Darkest Legacy off my TBR shelf where it’s been since 2018!

Then lastly we have some books in the Mystery/Thriller/Horror category! I’m still on a Thriller/Mystery kick so I had to add some! The Buried looks like it’s going to be a wild ride! We also have Rules for Vanishing which is on my 22 Books to read in 2022 list. The Castaways I’ve been seeing a fair bit about on TikTok and I’m keen!

Well that’s everything for my February TBR! Let me know in the comments what you’re looking forward to reading the most!

Thanks for reading! Eliza

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