Defy the Night ๐ŸŒ™ Spoiler Free Review

Defy the Night book cover (Castle inside the silhouette of flowers with everything in purple tones except the title which is a rosey gold colour)

Title:ย Defy the Night
Author:ย Brigid Kemmerer
Series: Defy the Night #1
Genre:ย YA Fantasy
Publication Date:ย Sept 14th, 2021
Pages:ย 496
Publishers:ย Bloomsbury

Brigid Kemmerer has hit the nail right on the head yet again! To be completely honest I didn’t know A THING about this book going into it. I saw that she had released the first book in a new series & I bought it, no questions asked. It did not disappoint!

Yet again she has produced a world that is so uniquely interesting & stunningly vivid for us to fall in love with. This one is low fantasy in the way that there is no magic or abilities or anything along those lines. It’s simply a different world than ours. She made it so in depth thought that you can’t help being dragged in. It was also never confusing & everything was explained very well.

As for the characters it was a little reminiscent of A Curse so Dark and Lonely in the fact that it mostly follows two main male characters & one female. It also had split POV between one of the males & the female, just like ACSDAL. It was definitely effective though! I love all the characters & really enjoyed the POV. Even the side characters were fleshed out & unique. Also, I did listen to the audiobook and the narrators for each POV were a good match & I really enjoyed the listening experience.

4.5 Stars

Overall I really enjoyed Defy the Night. Has it lived up to A Curse So Dark and Lonely? Not quite but also that series got better and better with each book! So hopefully this one follows in those same footsteps. I highly recommend picking up Defy the Night if you’re looking for a YA low fantasy with some political intrigue, badass characters and a bit of rebellion!

Thanks for reading! Eliza