👎🏻 Most Disappointing/Worst Books of 2019 😬

It’s nearly the end of the year! So it’s time to discuss the best & worst of 2019 as well as my stats and some anticipated books of 2020! For todays post we are going to be chatting about the Most Disappointing/Worst Books I read in 2019! So let’s jump in.

End of the Year series!

19 Best Books of 2019

The Mistletoe Murders & Other Stories is a collection of short mysteries. While a couple of the stories weren’t completely horrible they definitely weren’t good. This is one that falls under the ‘Worst’ category rather than disappointing. Of course it’s disappointing that I didn’t like it but this is just badly written. The mysteries were super predictable and obvious as well as being kinda dull & boring. It also annoyed me that the author a couple of times said things along the lines of these mysteries being worthy of Agatha Christie. No where near it.. Agatha Christie would not feature mysteries where it was obvious from the first 100 words who the murderer was.. Just overall dull, predictable & annoying. Definitely don’t recommend.

Immunity is probably my most disappointing read of 2019! Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoyed the book but it was disappointing to me. If you saw my last post you may have seen that I read Contagion in 2019 & it was on my Best Books of 2019 list! I absolutely loved Contagion and simply couldn’t put it down. It was the perfect mix of creepy horror in a SciFi setting and it was just amazing! Immunity on the other hand completely lost that Horror/Creepy feel, which was one of the best things about Contagion! It felt like a completely unrelated book and that was a huge disappointing for me. I also wasn’t super happy with the conclusion of Immunity. It felt rushed & unsatisfying. As I said, I still liked Immunity. I gave is 4 stars and you can check out all the good things about it in my review but it was still disappointing compared to the amazingness that was Contagion.
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Next we have Wicked Saints which is a YA Fantasy novel in a new series called Something Dark & Holy. This one was a disappointment because I thought I was going to love it but it was just average for me. I think the main weakness of the book was the writing. It was just overall lacking in many aspects. The world was under developed the magic system wasn’t explained, the characters, especially Nadya, were very flat & it was just underwhelming. It was also advertised as a villain romance, which it wasn’t. They met, were a bit iffy about each-other & then BOOM, there is a romance happening. The conclusion was also average.. Nadya has this chosen one kinda trope happening and there is all this build up & then she doesn’t really do anything and next minute it was also happily every after.. This book definitely did no live up the hype for me.
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Then is The Sword of Summer which is the first book in the Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asguard series. This is a YA Fantasy series based on Norse Mythology. So I went into this with not overly high expectations but not low ones either. I had read the first book in the Percy Jackson series and just didn’t love it. So I thought I would give a different series from Rick Riordan a go and a couple people recommended Magnus Chase & the Gods of Asguard. Well, I shouldn’t of bothered. This book was slow, boring, predictable and also just felt immature. I have got nothing against books that are written as Middle Grade but I usually go into them knowing its Middle Grade and expecting the type of writing & characters that are usually in Middle Grade books. This book however is labelled at YA & has YA aged characters but it reads straight up like a Middle Grade. The characters acted more childish than YA aged characters & people generally would which also means that childish decisions were made. This was just an annoying aspect of the book. I spent half my time wondering why the hell they did something when there was literally no good reason to do so. Anyway, this one was just overly disappointing and also just badly written.
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Next we have Wicked Fox which is the first book in a new YA Fantasy series based on Korean Mythology. This book sounded awesome but it well and truly did not live up to that. There was a big deal made about this YA book that features KOREAN MYTHOLOGY but the author mostly brushed over that part. I didn’t learn anything really and the world just felt flat to me. Then there was the romance which full on takes over the plot part way through the book. It was also straight up InstaLove and I didn’t see any kind of connection between the 2 characters at all. That could of been because of Miyoung’s lack of personality in the story. Jihoon wasn’t too bad but Miyoung was just a cardboard cut out of a YA female MC. This one was definitely disappointing, especially compared to the hype & the premise of this story!
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Lastly we have Wilder Girls which is a YA Fantasy Mystery with a dystopian hint that sounded amazing! It did not live up to this expectation. The synopsis sounds freaking amazing but the books just overall fell flat for me. I LOVED this world. It was fairly well developed & the setting was super creepy and atmospheric. It had the base for an awesome story but unfortunately the characters & the rest of the writing didn’t follow through. The writing was slow & kind of dull and the characters were very flat, which lead me to not care about the characters or what happened to them. The plot twists were unexpected but they weren’t ‘holy shit, I didn’t see that coming’… Also that absolutely pointless romance? As I said in my review I feel like the romance was thrown in there half heartedly just to ensure the reader believed these 2 characters were in-fact queer. It added nothing to the story and the characters were like two fence posts trying to have a connection there was just nothing there to form a romance on. This one was so disappointing! It sounds awesome but the execution was just not there. Can we have another author take the premise and do this please! I need this story, but just not how it was written.
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Well that is all the books on my Most Disappointing/Worst books of 2019 list! I’m just glad there is my on my Best books list than there is on the this one!
Have you read any of these books and agree or disagree with my thoughts? Let me know in the comments, I would love to have a chat.

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6 thoughts on “👎🏻 Most Disappointing/Worst Books of 2019 😬

  1. Oh man, I feel so much better about my disappointment in Wilder Girls now! I was PUMPED for that spooky creepy body horror content with a queer romance, but then I felt the same thing! You put it perfectly. It was just… so flat, and I don’t want any romance I read to be flat if it’s going to be there at all. It just feels like a tossed-together plot device, then.

    Personally, I really enjoy Powers’ writing style, but it didn’t make up for the fact the plot just didn’t end up being… exciting? enough for the idea, imo. You really put my feelings into words, though! Flat is a great way to describe so many of my problems with it. Great post 💕

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    1. Glad I helped you find the right word for it. 😂
      I’d be keen to see what this author does next to see if you develops her plots & characters better as her settings & premises so far are awesome. Just the execution isn’t there. 😐

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