MateAThon ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ Round 2 ๐Ÿ’ซ Announcement!

It’s time for Round 2 of MateAThon! MateAThon is an Australian themed ReadAThon but you don’t have to be Aussie to participate!

Also, welcome our fellow Aussie Co-Hosts and follow them on Social Media!
Blog: One Bookish Girl
Insta: OneBookishGirl
Twitter: Sam_BookishGirl
Insta: Read3rZ_revu
Twitter: Read3rZ
Blog: She Writes About It
Insta: She Writes About Books
Twitter: SamanthaSWAI
Insta: TakeALookAtMyBook

WHEN: starting at 12:01am on the 14th and finishing at midnight on the 23rd of October in your timezone!

If you are planning on participating please use the hashtag #MateAThon on social media so we can see your posts!!

Reading Challenges

Firstly, you are allowed to use 1 book for up to 2 challenges but no more than 2.

Challenge 1: Read a book by an Aussie author

Challenge 2: Read a book with the letters M A T E in the title

Challenge 3: Read a book with Green & Gold (or Yellow) on the cover

Challenge 4: Read a book recommended by an Aussie

Challenge 5: Read a book with a map

Challenge 6: Read a 2019 release

Challenge 7: Read a book with a title that is 4 or more words

Team Competition!

This round we are having Teams for the ReadAThon! You do not have to join the teams but it’s just a fun bonus!

The teams are based on Australian Animals of course!

Team Captains!

Dingo: Eliza @ Dusk Angel Reads
Koala: Sammi @ One Bookish Girl & Sam @ She Writes About Books
Wallaby: Annie @ Read3rZ
Kookaburra: Caitlin @ TakeALookAtMyBook

How to earn points!

Sign up HERE & you will be assigned a team.

1 point – Per page read
10 points – Per reading challenge completed
5 points – Per twitter sprint participated in
5 points – Per Instagram Challenge completed

After you are assigned a team you will need to add how many pages you read each day of the ReadAThon & also when you complete a reading challenge! This is how you will earn the majority of your points, so make sure you keep it up to date to help your team out!
You can do that HERE!


I will be hosting some bookmark giveaways throughout the ReadAThon on both Instagram & Twitter! So make sure you follow both & turn on Twitter notifications so you don’t miss out!

Instagram Challenge

Make sure you use #MateAThonIG on Instagram when you post your challenges so that your points go towards your team!

Social Media!

Again, don’t forget to use #MateAThon when posting on Social Media!



Copy of Copy of Blog titles

Are you planning on participating?!
Let me know what you’re most looking forward to on your TBR!

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