Hogwarts House Battles + September 💫 TBR

So, you may have seen my post last week with my TBR for September & Reading Rivalry. Well it is 3 days into September and I decided to leave the Reading Rivalry groups. This is mainly because the people running things were so damn pushy. I joined the group for the reading only but was pushed to answer questions and post daily instagram posts (or weekly reviews) and if you didn’t comment or post then you would get tagged in posts with reminders.. Which even after 3 days was just getting bloody irritating. I don’t mind doing a monthly insta challenge but I don’t like being pushed to post if I don’t feel like it and I prefer ones that have challenges anyone can do. This challenge was very US based from what I could tell. Day 2s challenge being ‘Labour Day’, which is COMPLETELY irrelevant to me. For one, it is not labour day here in Australia and 2 basically no one in Australia (myself included) gives a damn about Labour Day. It means nothing to us besides a day off work/school. So why would I make a post about it?
So anyways, I just had an issue with how things were run on that group and made the decision just to leave it as it wasn’t worth the irritation.

Now, onto the actual TBR! After posting my last TBR I decided to join the Hogwarts House Battles, so here is my TBR for that!

Alchemy – New Forms – Read a recommendation from a friend

I was recommended this one a while back and I was going to use it for a similar challenge for the NEWTs but didn’t get to it. So I’m putting it on this TBR instead! I have started this one and am about 50 pages in and I’m intrigued so far.

Apparition – Teleportation – Only Read this book in public

This challenge I will be skipping as I don’t read any books in public except for the odd few pages when waiting at the Drs.

Arithmancy – Numbers – Read a book with a number in the title

The Woods: Vol 3 has the number 3 in the title. It’s also the next volume I need to read and I’m keen to continue.

Astronomy – Reading under the stars – Only read this book at Night

I haven’t chosen a specific book for this one but I will likely just pick up a graphic novel or novella that I can finish in one sitting at night.

Care of Magical Creatures – The Beasts – Read a book with an animal on the cover

Appointment with Death has a snake on the cover, so it fits. It’s also the next book in the Hercule Poirot series that I need to read!

Charms – Something New & Unexpected – Read a “New-To-You” Book

Ford this one basically what I did was went onto Scribd, into the audiobook section and looked at the recommendation until I found a cover hat I hadn’t seen before. I then looked up the genre on Goodreads, mainly to make sure it wasn’t romance heavy & also checked it wasn’t a sequel. And this is what I found, which actually sounds right up my alley. It’s a Historical Fiction set during WWII which it the part of Historical Fiction I gravitate towards.

Defence Against the Dark Arts – Can’t Last – Read a book you previously put down

Furyborn I started to read physically just after it came out. I was trying to get out of a reading slump at the time and was told by a few people that it was pretty slow going, so I decided to put it down. A slow book didn’t sound like the best idea for a slump. So I’m going to give it another go but this time via audiobook.

Divination – The Future – Read a predicted 5 star read

The Devil’s Thief is the second book to The Last Magician which I really enjoyed! I just still haven’t gotten to The Devil’s Thief yet! I haven’t decided whether I will read this physically or on audiobook. I want to read it physically but it is huge and kinda intimidating. I also originally read book 1 on audiobook, so I’m indecisive on whether I should audiobook or physically read it!

Flying – Fly High – Read your most anticipated book

At the moment this is the book that I’m super keen to get into, so I’m considering it my most anticipated.

Herbology – Caring – Read a book that means a lot to you

I haven’t chosen a book for this one specifically as I don’t know if I’ll do the challenge. Of course I would reread Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone for this challenge but I only just finished another reread of the whole series this morning, so if I have time I might do it but it won’t be top priority.

History of Magic – Historical – Read a book from another generation

Hercule Poirot’s Christmas is well and truly from another generation considering it was published in 1938. This is also the next book after Appointment with Death in the series!

Muggle Studies – Blending In – Read a hyped book

The Shades of London series in general is super hyped and I’ve been meaning to read this one for ages! So I thought it was time to add this one to a TBR!

Potions – Mixing – Read a genre you wouldn’t usually pick up

I haven’t chosen a book for this one as I have felt a little slumpy lately, so at the moment I don’t think it’s the best idea to be picking up something I wouldn’t usually and risking making the slump worse. If later in the month I feel like it I might choose something but for now I’m not.

Study of Ancient Runes – Ancients – Read a classic novel

I don’t generally read classics as they usually aren’t genres I’m interested in or are very romance heavy, so I haven’t picked anything for this one.

Transfiguration – Change – Read the Last Book You Bought

As of right now the last book I bought was a Harry Potter Box Set which is strictly for display only, so I will not be reading that one. I will basically choose a book for this one if I buy something else between now & the end of the month.

The rest of my September TBR!

Okay, so I have put the covers for the two Year Book Editions of The Woods just to display that I want to finish all the issues that are currently out rather than putting all of the volume covers.
House of Salt and Sorrows I saw on Scribd yesterday on Audiobook! I’ve been seeing it around and the cover is gorgeous, so I want to pick it up!
Spin the Dawn is also on audiobook on scribd. I do own it physically but I feel like picking up the audiobook at the moment. But will see what happens throughout the month!
Kriss is a Graphic Novel eARC that I need to get to and I’m super keen to jump in!
We are Blood and Thunder is a review copy I got from Bloomsbury and I really need to get to it! Just haven’t had the chance yet. So I’m keen to get into it.

Well that is all of the books currently on my TBR!
What are you most looking forward to in September?!

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4 thoughts on “Hogwarts House Battles + September 💫 TBR

  1. The hogwarts house battles sound like lots of fun!
    I’m also plannign on reading Wilder girls sometime soon! And I love the devil’s thief!


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    1. It’s been fun so far! But I’m just a sucker for a Harry Potter ReadAThon or challenge. 😂
      And Wilder Girls is really interesting so far but I’ve heard mixed reviews. So hopefully I like it. And I can’t wait for devils thief. It’s just soo freaking big!

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  2. I hope you’ll read all of the books on your September TBR! As we are getting closer to autumn and Halloween I’d love to incorporate some Agatha Christie books in my monthly reading. I used to LOVE them when I was in middle school / highschool, so it’s about time to re-read some of my favorite stories!

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