Harry Potter Edition ✨ Fantasy JourneyAThon TBR

So Fantasy JourneyAThon starts in 2 minutes as I’m writing this sentence. Originally I planned to film a TBR video for my Channel but It has been a crazy couple days and I just haven’t had the time to film & edit! Now the ReadAThon has started and my TBR still isn’t up, so here it is!

Fantasy JourneyAThon Announcement

Firstly I am on Team Gryffindor and I will be earning points throughout the week by participating in the Instagram & Litsy Challenges as well as reading!


Read a book with a bird on the cover

This is the second book to Legend by Marie Lu, which I haven’t actually read. I planned to read it before the ReadAThon but haven’t got there. So I will also be aiming to read Legend this book!

Read a book with witches/wizards

This is of course a reread for me and I can’t wait. I’ve been really enjoying my physical reread of this series!

Read a book with scarlet on the cover

This one is an audiobook that I have had on my TBR for way too long! Finally picking it up and fulfilling this challenge!

Read a book with a tree on the cover

This one has a whole Wood on the cover, so I think it fits. This is Volume 1 in a new to me Graphic Novel series and I can’t wait to dive in!

Read a book under 300 pages

This is the other Graphic Novel I have in my TBR and I’m keen for this one too! It’s also super short so fits this challenge!

Read a book with a beautiful cover

This one definitely fits this challenge as this cover is beautiful! This is a cover read for sure as I know nothing about this book! This one is also an audiobook I will be listening to.

Read a book with a dark theme

I don’t know much about this one but I have it on my physical TBR and it looks super dark and creepy!

Read a book with multiple POV or Authors

This is my next audiobook and this is an anthology. So not only does it have multiple POV but it also has multiple Authors!

Read a book with magic

This is the last audiobook on my tbr! I keep hearing good things about this one and apparently it has magic, so I’m in!

Read a book set in the real world

This one I need to read for a Blog Tour which is happening soon, so I chose it for this challenge! It is set in our world so it fits this challenge!

Are you participating in the Harry Potter edition of Fantasy JourneyAThon? What team are you on?!

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